The Haggle

You know what it’s like, a friend says to you ‘ You know I got a real bargain the other day, they wanted fifteen and a half thousand, well I got it for just twelve!’ You think to yourself how do they do it? Why can’t I do it and save loads of money?

Well now you can!

We Haggle For is for you, so you can have the savings but don’t have to do the haggling. We do it for you, imagine what you could do with the extra money you save…. new clothes, an extra holiday… the list goes on and on..

How does it work?

Really easy, you find something you want to buy, say you’ve seen a car and the ticket price is £22,995, you fill in our form with your details, we contact you to take the details and then negotiate on your behalf saving you money!

Once we have the details from you we’ll do the deal for you, let you know the new price and you can go in and buy your new car, house, jewellery, designer labels, watches in fact anything, but all for much less than you thought you were going to be paying. You will be saving thousands and thousands of pounds, just by letting us to the deal for you.


Why us?

We are expert negotiators; we know that everyone has a lower price they will sell at. Our skill is taking sellers to that lower price and letting you enjoy massive discounts on anything and everything! And now you can be the one who says 'Hey! Just saved five and half grand on the sale price of a new car.. how about that!'

Your best shopping friend

Let We Haggle For become your best shopping friend, we will get you a better price - try us today and you'll be using us for ever!