About Us

Firstly, thank you for visiting We Haggle For You.com. This website and service was brought about by many years of Haggling for all sorts of things.

This then moved onto doing the same for family and friends and so the natural next step was to help lots of people save money.

So, by paying a small returnable deposit we will get you a better price and in the unlikely event we don’t you get your money back -


So you have nothing to lose and loads to gain so we look forward to helping you get a great price and saving loads of dosh!


Why us?

We are expert negotiators; we know that everyone has a lower price they will sell at. Our skill is taking sellers to that lower price and letting you enjoy massive discounts on anything and everything! And now you can be the one who says 'Hey! Just saved five and half grand on the sale price of a new car.. how about that!'

Your best shopping friend

Let We Haggle For You.com become your best shopping friend, we will get you a better price - try us today and you'll be using us for ever!