Having received three quotations for my conservatory I was in a worse position than before I started! I wanted the dearest company to do the job (£11500)but wanted to pay the cheapest quote(£9500) I didn’t want to contact the company as he told me this was his very best price (on the night he quoted) so I instructed We Haggle For You to undertake the task . I don’t know how they did it but all I can say is that I’m now a proud owner of the conservatory that I wanted at a price that I wanted! So basically I had the best of both with none of the hassle of negotiating and stress all I can say is that everyone came out a winner me, We Haggle For You and the conservatory company. I highly recommend this company very, very efficient and professional. Mr RT

Hi, I was looking for a watch for a treat for myself a wanted a Hublot which are very expensive but a good investment, the RRP was £21,995 I was told I could have a 10% discount by the jewellery shop but this still meant it was a substantial amount of money .I contacted We Haggle For You who within 3 hours came back to me and I purchased my watch that day for £14500 A MASSIVE SAVING very happy, highly recommend this service. Mark

I’m a professional show jumper but not very good when it comes to dealing with salesmen I saw a horse advertised in the Horse And Hound, but the dealer wasn’t moving on price(with me that is) We Haggle For saved me over £5,000 so it was the best thing I did contacting them. Since then I have used We Haggle For several times and I have calculated that I have made savings of over £25,000 so all I can say is A VERY BIG THANKS. Nicola

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